Padmaavat 3rd Day Box Office Collection Saturday Total Revenue

Padmaavat 3rd Day Box Office Collection Saturday Total Revenue of padmavat movie padmaavat third day collection domestic and worldwide business gross earning of padmaavat starring deepika padukone padmaavat Saturday box office income how much film padmaavat will earn blockbuster movie padmaavat 3 days total collection

Initial box office collection is one of the important point to make a movie blockbuster as depending on the initial earning of the movie the people enjoy that movie in theatres for long time and so Padmaavat first weekend box office business gross earning in India and overseas will play a vital role to make the movie a blockbuster hit.

Padmaavat Saturday Gross Revenue

As per the Padmaavat starting two days box office collection, it is being predicted that Padmaavat 3rd Day Box Office Collection on Domestic and Worldwide box office to be huge as the movie has created a huge buzz across the world. The movie lovers will definitely want to experience the movie and come to see the reason behind such a controversy.

After a long delay to release, Padmaavat got a great date to hit the theatres. It has been released on 25th January 2018 just one day before the Indian republic day celebration. Thus, a long weekend of 3 days i.e. Republic Day on Friday along with Saturday and Sunday. The 1st 3 days is definitely going to be crucial, as it will decide the fate of the movie in the box office.

The Padmaavat 3rd Day Collection is expected to be the highest as it is followed by the National Holiday and will be Saturday. So, a lot of people will be coming to the theaters after a leave on the previous day to experience the most controversial movie of Bollywood i.e. Padmaavat which will help the movie to make a huge gross revenue in the market.

Padmaavat 3rd Day Collection Prediction

The Padmaavat Third Day Box Office Collection is predicted to be over 40 crores worldwide. Also Padman release date has been extended which will help in making a good collection amount and Padmaavat Saturday Worldwide collection total will be quite huge.

Padmaavat has get a huge star cast along with the great director and an interesting storyline. The fans are really enjoying the movie and Padmaavat opening day box office collection is one of its proof. As Padmaavat 2 days total worldwide box office collection is around 60 Crores INR and as per the report and prediction the movie is believed to cross 100 crores bench mark after the end of 3rd day of its release i.e. Saturday.

There are no other big releases in the previous or the coming weeks too. This will also help in the Weekend box office collection of Padmaavat. The movie is made in a huge budget of over 180 crores. Thus, it needs a great opening to recover its cost.

Padmaavat 3 Days Total Collection

The huge production cost of the movie ensures that it will be a large scale movie and the director of the same is Sanjay Leela Bhansali who has given many box office hits in the past. His last movie Bajirao Mastani got him National Award and was a huge success in the box office too.

Thus, people know what he is capable of delivering with such a huge budget. The controversy also created a huge hype for the movie, which will act as a free promotion of the same. However, the movie is banned in five states of the country; this may affect the collection a bit. Still, the experts are predicting a huge Padmaavat 3rd Day Box Office Collection.

Long weekend along with a public holiday is definitely going to help in getting a huge Padmaavat 3rd Day Box Office Collection. This movie is an epic tale of Rani Padmaavati based on the poem “Padmaavat” written in 1540 by the Sufi Poet Malik Muhammad Jayasi. The huge controversy over the release of the movie will definitely act as a mass promotion and experts are predicting a massive Weekend box office collection of Padmaavat.

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